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Truth or Dare

"You're so fickle.
Why should it matter?"
I ask for the umpteenth time.

"I don't know what you mean.
What are you implying?"
Her gaze doesn't falter like mine.

"What is there to imply
when I've told you plainly?"
I will not lose this fight.

"There is something.
There always is, isn't there?"
Our words were released at night.

"I see, here it comes.
What is? What is always there?"
I feel a quiver in my lip.

"Don't act so naive,
do you think I'm that stupid?"
Our emotions are losing grip.

"I really don't know,
can't you for once just tell me?"
There was no backing down now.

"How dare you...
how dare you?"
We're falling endlessly down.

"How dare I?
Because you expect everything of me,
because you give nothing back
while I hope for something to change
when nothing ever will.

"How dare I?
Because I care."
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