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Their Story

There was this girl once, well a woman really. She fell in love, but she never knew it until it was too late. Now, you’re gonna look at me and say, “haven’t we heard this one before?” You may be right, but she was a special girl, she lit up the room and made everyone smile. She listened to your tears, wiped away your pains, and turned your world around. She was pure magic.

One day she met a boy, but more of a man. This boy turned her life around, though neither of them realized. He was intense and childish all at once. He had a way of looking into her soul with one deep look and expose all of her vulnerabilities. He had a way of taking those vulnerabilities and telling her that they were ridiculous. He had a way of making her feel like he really meant it when he said she could do anything and everything. He made her feel like he actually saw her as the woman she was and could become. He was pure strength, though he never realized it.

Now, they started out as friends, as all good relationships are wont to do. They learned about each other slowly. He learned that she wasn’t all sunshine like everyone believed. That her interests were vast and expanding. He learned that she was honest and genuine and only hid things when she didn’t want the world to see she was upset, though he claimed he can see through that act. He claimed she wasn’t a very good actor. She learned that he kept things to himself, but every once in a while he would let things through to her. She relished those moments not because of the information but because it meant he was letting her in. She learned that he put on this front of not caring and indifference, when in reality he was all heart. He claimed he was no good; she knew different.

Don’t get me wrong though, this story wasn’t all fairytales. She had her insecurities, she had been used too often. She was told by many guys that she was amazing only to be left in the dust once they’d gotten their way. She’d been made to feel worthless, stupid, and unloved. He had been hurt so badly that he never wanted to love again. He had been lied to, cheated on, and taught that he wasn’t a good person. Each of them knew better of the other, but because of these hurt feelings they never gave it a real go.

But that doesn’t mean that these feelings for each other went away. He continued to make her smile. He tried to ignore her and the feelings. He still made her laugh. She tried everything in her power to let him know that she was still there. She attempted to make him laugh or smile every day, even when she had no idea if it worked. And then there were those magical moments, the ones that only happen once in a while. That moment when a man becomes a boy. That moment when looking at each other made them giggly, befuddled, and tongue tied. She couldn’t help smiling; he couldn’t help running away. She decided to try harder even with no response other than that one moment.

In that moment she remembered all those moments they had together. She remembered the passionate way he kissed her. She remembered the way her heart melted when he woke up and came looking for her with just a bit of fear in his voice when he had found her. She remembered the moments he opened up to her, the moments that he looked deep in her eyes and it scared her because it made her feel. She remembered the whispered promises that even he was too scared to truly voice. She remembered the laughter, midnight talks, and nights of sleeplessness because she couldn’t get him out of her mind, though she still can’t get him out of her mind. She remembered the moment when he said he’d do anything for her. She remembered the moment when he said that she already fell; she remembered her confusion because it sounded deeper than the moment called for. She remembered him saying goodbye, the reason why, and the promise she made that she would always be there.

And she always will.

Now, the story isn’t over; heck, it’s barely begun. But I’m still not sure either of them realize it, not fully, not truly. Maybe one day they will. But she made a promise. And he made a promise. Maybe one day they’re promises will unite and their story can truly begin.


Summary: "Hours of work were now resting in a black plastic bag. How many more would join them? She had no time to dwell on such questions, though. Wax was scraped from the tablecloth with a fancy butter knife that wasn't serving its intended purpose. Like so many other things that were permanently damaged, the tablecloth was folded and put away. Would he already be asleep?"

Word Count: 1,875

Rating: PG-13

Any feedback would be appreciated.

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Pyramid Head

Truth or Dare

"You're so fickle.
Why should it matter?"
I ask for the umpteenth time.

"I don't know what you mean.
What are you implying?"
Her gaze doesn't falter like mine.

"What is there to imply
when I've told you plainly?"
I will not lose this fight.

"There is something.
There always is, isn't there?"
Our words were released at night.

"I see, here it comes.
What is? What is always there?"
I feel a quiver in my lip.

"Don't act so naive,
do you think I'm that stupid?"
Our emotions are losing grip.

"I really don't know,
can't you for once just tell me?"
There was no backing down now.

"How dare you...
how dare you?"
We're falling endlessly down.

"How dare I?
Because you expect everything of me,
because you give nothing back
while I hope for something to change
when nothing ever will.

"How dare I?
Because I care."
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