A Beast's Quandry

What shade hangs in front of your eyes
A real man doesn't do as he does
He is the path to your demise

His actions should speak louder than words
but your skin is deaf
What shade hangs in front of your eyes

How can you give your love to such a beast
Whose character floats like cement
He is the path to your demise

If only the whole knew the whole
he is the one against which your parents warn
What shade hangs in front of your eyes

How can he kindle the fire
Which was once mine to light
He is the path to your demise

How can you fall again for his guise
While I wait with open arms
What shade hangs in front of your eyes
He is the path to your demise.
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The Scent of Spring

The air, damp
carried on the nipping breeze,
bringing the scent
the scent remembered.
Of renewal
The year will pass again
before white drowns the Earth
and sleep settles on the mind
Leaving me yearning
for the passage of time.
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The Epitome of Me

Old Wounds and Fresh Scars

A prayer for relief; burying my face in my hands.
No use. The pressure is there, just behind my eyes
and I feel the swell that I cannot stem, it's all mine.

Release is not an option and I resist emotion's plans.
No use. I am overwhelmed and I reveal all my shame,
my fear and lonely self-pity. It's all mine.

I refute the evidence before me, disbelieve the truth.
No use. Denial is awash with rage but cannot fight
and is quelled through overbearing might. I call it mine.

I mutter and mumble my pleas to stop. No use,
no use at all. It stays with me, an unwanted guest
in the vacant residence of my heart, that which is mine.
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I covet thee

Title:I covet thee
Author: petitedeviante
Rating:PG however it may turn into M
Word count:1500
Summary: Life of Hanna, the story of how she juggles work,friendships,an over protective mother and her terrible love life.
Warnings: My two best friends encouraged me to write this as more of a form of therapy, most of the story is based on real life. I can't believe anyone will be actually interested,but here goes nothing. I'd gladly take any constructive criticism. I hope you enjoy.
Disclaimer:This is the first chapter of many to come (hopefully), it is PG but it will have mature content in the next chapters

I covet thee

Searching Love

Love is an understatement for someone

                  who knows not what it is;

A congruence of letters that hold no meaning,

                   Void of any selfless feeling.

It's best described as indescribable

                  and yet, as people, we are left to rubble

                   in the captured vastness of its hidden secrets.

Yet I am left to wonder how great this word can be

Only to speculate its inapplicability for someone like me.

For ages, man has searched for a rightful meaning,

                 to be only 'likened' by someone in fame.

"Love is like a river" as someone has said.

  But in this modern age, can we

   consider love - dead?

True enough with thorough observation

'love' is most likely a practiced illusion.

  A triggered gun, loaded with hormones -

  lustfully shrouding one's perception.

It pays me not to find true love

  as love is caused by hormonal imbalance.

A puff of smoke, a joint or two,

  soon enough that love will bid adieu

And so I'm still in ever-wonder

How love can capture a true man's thunder.

How love can bring down city walls

and cease the world, the living - All.

Pyramid Head


I hear you and I know your voice well.
It is calm and inviting
But I know better than to listen,
To let you through the door.

You try again with desperation
Seeping through, compelling you forward
But I resist and keep the door closed.
You will not get any closer to me.

Now you begin to reveal yourself,
To stop hiding your true self
But you do not show anger at me,
You begin to laugh, quietly.

The laughter is the worst you can do,
It shows everything to me,
Your contempt, your hatred, your disgust
And your never-ending obsession.

I close my eyes and block you out,
You with your gluttonous hunger
For me, for all that I give you
That I never allowed you to take.

You laugh at my futile efforts.
We both know this is just a game.
You will always be a part of me,
And nothing I do will change that.
Pyramid Head

Look Me in the Eyes

Look me in the eyes;
Don't blink.
I can see something,
just hold it there.
Don't blink!
Why have I never noticed that?
Is it new?
Have your eyes changed?
Does that happen?
Is there something in your eye?
Hold still.
I can see it better now,
just angle your head a little...
just a second longer.
There it is.
I knew it was there.

Can you see it in my eyes?
Can you check?
I promise I won't blink.
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Pyramid Head

Tired of Waiting?

Are you tired of waiting?
Are you?

I've looked into the distance
and imagined what it is
that's happening over there
where I cannot see.

Once I even dared myself
to go there, where I'd never
been before, just to see what
was of such intrigue.

It was a complete let-down
and I cursed myself for such
idiocy, to think that
I'd be so bold.

Even so, I tried again
to reach out and join the rest
of the world as it played out
somewhere over there.

So, are you tired of waiting?
I am.
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